Monday, April 11, 2016

      Bring Your Own Flak Jacket: Helpful Tips on Touring Today's Middle East is a personal memoir of what that region was actually like during the first decade of the 21st century -- a decade that will go down in history as the beginning of the decline and fall of the American empire.



     Our most popular book is Mecca & the Hajj: Lessons From the Islamic School of Hard Knocks, which will take you on an exciting eye-witness tour of Mecca itself -- written in the joyful-yet-cynical style of Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad".


     Now published and available on AmazonVisions of a Lost and Future WorldAn ancient American Indian shaman told the author this story about a clan of Anasazi that became immortal and then witnessed the (almost) end of the human race.  Is it fiction, philosophy, anthropology or even post-apocalyptic sci-fi?  Or is it a visionary prediction of how our world will end if we don't watch out?  You decide.